Sick of riding in the heat, rain, snow, or cold?

If so, a metal horse arena is right for you! Don’t let the weather stop you from riding. Our steel structures shield your animals, riders, and visitors against the elements. Whether you are looking for an equestrian arena for training, competitions, or recreation we are your 1st and only stop! At Central Utah Metal Buildings, we adapt our work to your specifications. Our construction services are flexible, if you’re looking for a large or small horse equestrian arena trust in our expertise to deliver a fine and durable steel structure. We can also improve the one you already have!

No need to contact multiple companies, just call us. We can provide the material, labor, and anything in between for your metal horse arena. We will save you time and money with our pre-engineered buildings and our all-in-one solutions. We will save you hours of time browsing the internet and calling different companies trying to arrange your build. With Central Utah Metal Buildings, you optimize your investment and begin to enjoy or monetize your steel horse arena faster than you ever thought possible.

We are your contractor, supplier, engineer, and construction company all in one! Our buildings are delivered to your job site ready to be bolted together! This saves countless hours of time and leaves a small margin for error!

If you already have the material we can erect the building, pour the concrete, or help with any part of your build. We can do the entire build or just the part you don’t have the tools, man power, or knowledge for. No job is too big or too small. We provide quality service and material at an unbeatable price. Contact us today!

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