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Custom Metal Structures and Buildings

Build something useful and new from scratch!

We can spruce up your home or farm with all kinds of metalwork. Custom builds ensure all your needs are met for any situation or purpose. We can create anything you need! No need to contact multiple contractors to get your completely custom metal structures and buildings installed and constructed at your home. We can do the concrete, help you engineer the building, and everything in between.

Steel/Metal Building Homes

Metal Building Home - Custom Builds

Make your property more secure with Central Utah Metal Building’s custom metal structures. A metal gate, for example, can add a touch of sophistication to your home or property—not to mention enhancing its security. A decorative steel building or structure will make your property look exclusive and extravagant. Custom builds ensure you get every single feature you have been dreaming of in your dream home!

We want to ensure your home meets and exceeds all your expectations. Steel/metal structures and buildings are fire and earthquake resistant. Advanced design and analysis techniques allow precise specification of fire protection requirements of steel-framed buildings, often resulting in significant reductions in the amount of fire protection required. Steel is the material of choice for design because it is inherently ductile and flexible. It flexes under extreme loads rather than crushing or crumbling. Many of the beam-to-column connections in a steel building are designed principally to support gravity loads. Yet they also have a considerable capacity to resist lateral loads caused by wind and earthquakes. We use recycled material and are environmentally friendly! Custom steel building structures can be significantly lighter than concrete equivalents and require less extensive foundations, reducing the environmental impact of the build. Less and lighter materials mean they are easier to move around, reducing transportation and fuel use.

Custom Accessories

  • Custom gates and handrails
  • Fire pits and barbecue grills
  • Wrought iron benches
  • Balcony adornments
  • Patio seating areas
fire pit - Custom Builds

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