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Tips for Picking Colors

With permanent house siding, be extra careful about your roof color. There are many beautiful roof and house color combinations. On a stone or brick home, it is critical to pick a color that will match well, as you don’t have the option to repaint your siding. In case of a metal roof, you also will not be replacing it any time soon.

Take a look at color samples in different lighting conditions. This is a crucial tip that many people miss. Exterior coatings, including those of your roof will look very different depending on the time of day/amount of light. Something that looks great in your living room under electric light, may look less than desirable in natural light. Take your samples and evaluate them in the sun, in the shade and at different hours of the day. Pick the one you like under most of the lighting conditions.

A light colored roof appears taller. A light shade may be a great option, if you want your house to appear taller. Moreover, it may work well if your home has a low roof pitch. White metal roofs are a popular choice in areas that get year round exposure to sun and very hot temperatures.

On a traditional style home, stay away from bright, bold hues. Most traditional style homes work well with both neutral and darker colors. For example, a brown metal roof is usually a very beautiful and safe choice. Unusual or very bright tones may look off -putting on a traditional style home.