Protect your investment with an aircraft hangar to store your plane and equipment

In the aircraft industry, even the smallest of airplanes represents a purchase totaling thousands of dollars in initial investment and necessary maintenance. Having a steel aircraft hangar not only to store your aircraft, but somewhere to work and maintain it as well, is crucial to keep your airplane in top shape. A metal structure protects the aircraft from harmful weather such as rain and heat and secures it against potential theft or an accident. An aircraft hangar investment is a great benefit to your airplane that will help increase its life expectancy and reliability.


When you invest in a steel aircraft hangar from Central Utah Metal Buildings, you provide a high-quality shelter for your airplane that is made using the strongest and most durable materials available. A steel/metal structure is the safest and most efficient option to store your aircraft, instruments, and equipment. It can be quickly put together, ensuring that your plane does not spend too long unprotected, and saves you money on repairs and maintenance that you would otherwise spend on more antiquated structures.

C.U.M.B can fulfill anything related to erecting a steel structure, and with our exceptional work ethic and expertise, your building will be up and running in no time. Pair that with great customer services, honesty, and the ability to serve you at an affordable rate makes our company your go to for anything aviation.

Why are metal buildings great for an airplane hangar? More Info

We understand that protecting your aircraft is your top priority. A prefabricated metal building offers the strength and design flexibility to ensure your aircraft’s safety and proper maintenance. A steel structure with CDMG offers clear span framing and column-free interiors to maximize your space, and metal buildings can help with reducing energy savings.

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