Our buildings can cover nearly any aspect of your agricultural needs!

Utilizing prefabricated or pre-engineered agricultural steel buildings you can cut the time in half that it requires to install and erect the building. This in turn reduces the cost to build, implement, and increases the life expectancy of your structure. This entire process helps eliminate room for error and the construction to take place efficiently and quickly compared to other construction methods. Protect your investment with one of our agricultural steel buildings today!

  • Equipment Storage, Combines & Tractors
  • Livestock Shelters
  • Hay, Grain, Fertilizer, Commodity Storage
  • Packing Houses, Warehouses

Aesthetics, meet function

Steel’s slender framing creates buildings with a sense of openness. Its flexibility and malleability inspire architects to pursue and achieve their aims in terms of exploring distinctive shapes and textures. These aesthetic qualities are complemented by steel’s functional characteristics that include its exceptional spanning ability, dimensional stability over time, its acoustic noise dampening abilities, endless recyclability and the speed and precision in which it is manufactured and assembled onsite with minimal on-site labor.

Earthquake resistance

Earthquakes are unpredictable in terms of magnitude, frequency, duration, and location. Steel is the material of choice for design because it is inherently ductile and flexible. It flexes under extreme loads rather than crushing or crumbling. Many of the beam-to-column connections in a steel building are designed principally to support gravity loads. Yet they also have a considerable capacity to resist lateral loads caused by wind and earthquakes.