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Central Utah Metal Buildings does anything and everything, from concrete to engineering.

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Our pre-engineered buildings are delivered ready to bolt together on-site, saving you time and money. This process helps quickly assemble the building, while leaving little room for error. We can build the entire building or help with any aspect of the build.

We can also get the material needed for you next job dropped off to your job site!

10 reasons to use steel buildings in your next project (Top 3 can be found at the bottom of the page) – click here

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1. Strength, beauty, design freedom

Steel offers architects more design freedom in colour, texture and shape. Its combination of strength, durability, beauty, precision and malleability gives architects broader parameters to explore ideas and develop fresh solutions. Steel’s long spanning ability gives rise to large open spaces, free of intermediate columns or load bearing walls. Its capacity to bend to a certain radius, creating segmented curves or free-form combinations for facades, arches or domes sets it apart. Factory-finished to the most exacting specifications under highly controlled conditions, steel’s final outcome is more predictable and repeatable, eliminating the risk of on-site variability.

2. Fast, efficient, resourceful

Steel can be assembled quickly and efficiently in all seasons. Components are pre-manufactured off site with minimal on-site labour. A whole frame can be erected in a matter of days rather than weeks, with a corresponding 20% to 40% reduction in construction time relative to on-site construction, depending on a project’s scale. For single dwellings, on more challenging sites, steel often allows less points of contact with the earth, reducing the amount of excavation required. Structural steel’s lighter weight relative to other framing materials such as concrete enables a smaller, simpler foundation. These efficiencies in execution translate to considerable resource efficiencies and economic benefits, including accelerated project schedules, reduced site management costs and an earlier return on investment.

3. Adaptable and accessible

These days, a building’s function can change dramatically and rapidly. A tenant may want to make changes that increase floor loads significantly. Walls may need to be repositioned to create new interior layouts based on different needs and space usage. Steel-built structures can cater for such changes. Non-composite steel beams can be made composite with the existing floor slab, cover plates added to the beams for increased strength, beams and girders easily reinforced and supplemented with additional framing or even relocated to support changed loads. Steel framing and floor systems also allow easy access and alterations to existing electrical wiring, computer networking cables and communication systems.